Friday, January 30, 2015

Tartan 3500 - Rebuild Cabinet V-Berth

A few days into our bash back from Cabo San Lucas, the cabinet frame under the v-berth shifted away from the fiberglass frame and pressed against the frame of the closets.  With each wave, the v-berth sounded like it was breaking apart. While underway, I managed to hold the front-panel in place with a wood-block, between the closet and front-panel.

Here you can see the frame pressed out about 1 1/2".

In looking at the construction, the front frame was held in place by 6 screws from the backside into the plywood frame.  Obviously, these weren't sufficient to hold the frame in place.

My solution was to add a spacer block to the inside of the front-panel and use large fender washers to secure the panel from the back,

With the spacer block in place, I secured the front panel with longer screws and large fender-washers,

I ran a bead of silicon around the entire frame, to provide a bit of insulation and to hold the panel to the fiberglass, and larger screws to hold the sides in place.

Intuition - 3500 - #115

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