Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#2: Boarding Strap

Patty nagged me to get a safety line for the swim step on our T3800, and in response, I kind of went overboard with the project. Still, a responsive luxurious grip as you board the dinghy or step onto your Tartan, especially in choppy seas, is something truly satisfying. Not only that, getting on and off many sailboats requires maneuvers of a gifted acrobat. So consider making up a boarding strap or two.

This version uses 12 strand single braid rope, orthopedic grade leather, and soft shackles. They attache to the eye at top of the taffrail with a soft shackle so they can be stowed when not needed. Double braid and 3-strand rope would also work well. I find that two ropes actually provide added security, but one would serve OK. Some might wish to permanently splice the strap to the rail eye. 

Sources: Rope: Chandlery; Leather: Boat Leather, Seattle; Soft Shackles, any rigger. Boat Leather will provide stitching instructions; Yacht Rigging Associates in Los Angeles (310 823 2627) will make up a set like this from scratch. Provide the measurement for the desired drop and you are set to go. 

Fair winds, Bill Solberg, T3800 #9 1995, Marina del Rey, CA 

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